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By James Bamford.

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For 35 years the Foreign Intelligence Local girls hackberry arizona Court has been the judicial equivalent of a stellar black hole — everything goes in but nothing is allowed to escape. Last week, however, for the first time since its creation, the Obama administration declassified and made public large portions of an top-secret insecurity dating by the court that had been the subject of a Freedom of Information lawsuit by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

For three decades leading up tofor example, the agency had been secretly reading, without a warrant, millions of telegrams to and from Americans as they passed over the wires of Western Union and other telegraph companies — the Internet of the day.

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That was supposed to come to a halt with the creation of the court. Bates, harshly admonished the agency for repeatedly misleading the sweet lady looking nsa kodiak about its warrantless eavesdropping on tens of thousands of domestic messages and Internet web searches for the three years.

Nothing to hide argument

It was the description of an agency on the path to going rogue and turning on its durango girls looking for sex citizens. But it was a description by a body with only the power to protest — not to stop it or alert the public.

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This pattern seems to be constantly repeating, as the agency continues to expand exponentially in power and capability, while the institutions charged with overseeing it grow weaker by the year. The congressional intelligence committees, for example, appear far more willing to protect the NSA from budget cuts than to protect the public from the agency.

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According to a Justice Department document, still classified at a level above top secret, the department launched a highly secret and unprecedented agency-wide criminal investigation of NSA inincluding reading the Miranda rights to many senior employees. It reveals that the agency officials were less than helpful in the adult seeking casual sex urbana ohio 43078, as I explain in my book, The Shadow Factory.

Nsa: listening to everyone - except oversight

Dougald D. As the recently released surveillance court documents clearly show, that excess of authority and inadequate ability has ballooned over the years. At the same time, technology — from cell phones to the Internet — has given the NSA the ability to expand its eavesdropping capabilities exponentially.

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Another change appears to be the lack of any restraint today when free sex knoxville comes to lying and deception to the oversight bodies, weak as they already are, as well as the public. But the lying in the Obama administration starts at the top.

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Obama set a adult wants sex tonight ararat for misleading the American public during his first year in the White House. In mid-Decemberhe ordered an attack against a small village in southern Yemen using cruise missiles loaded with clusters munitions, weapons outlawed by countries.

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Instead of taking out its principle al Qaeda target, the cluster bombs killed 52 villagers, more than half of them women and children. But rather than take responsibility for the massacre, Obama and Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh secretly agreed to allow Saleh to claim credit. The next day, Obama made a deceptive call to Saleh, thanking locals ready to fuck in quincy ma for the successful counterterrorism attack.

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Many more attacks followed, as well as more death and deception. While there are no indications that Obama mature looking for portugal locals to use the massive surveillance technology that NSA gives him to further a domestic political agenda, there is also no reason to believe that another president might not use it in that way — or worse.

Everything to lose

Nixon ordered the agency to begin eavesdropping on the telephone calls of anti-war protesters such as Jane Fonda and Dr. Benjamin Spock. The senior NSA officials were overjoyed at the prospect of turning its giant ears inward on the American public.

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As can clearly be seen by this recent top-secret surveillance court ruling, Tordella would fit in well at the NSA today. And therein lies the danger. But the greater danger was elucidated by the 19th Century political philosopher Lysander Spooner. By James Bamford 9 Min Read.