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Top definition. Guy Best Friend.

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Your non romantic male soul mate. Usually when a girl is deprived of a brother this male ends up being the replacement. They are as close as siblings and housewives seeking sex tonight platteville colorado means the world to her. He is referred to as the " guy best friend "usually when the girl has best friends who are mostly girls. While most of the time these two remain best friends despite media constantly saying it turns out to romance, it is usually the male that tends to fall for the female.

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Females who do fall for their guy best friend usually keep it quiet in fear of losing their best friend. People often joke that the two will get married when both honestly ladies looking nsa al crestline height 35213 no romantic interest in the other. Guy: Rose hangs out with Victor way too much to not like him. Girl:I talk to Rose all the time, she says that he's just her guy best friend.

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She has no feelings for him whatsoever. Apr 28 Word of the Day. Literally everyone, ever. Including the writer of this definition. You're all stupid people and I hate you. That guy who is always there for you.

You guys love each other but can't admit it. You claim you meeting females online just friends. You and your guy best friend are made for each other.

Thats Sydney's guy best friend they should be together.

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Guy bestfriend. The guy who sticks with you no matter what you go through. The guy who you can be yourself around.

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The guy who gives you the best advice. The guy who tells it like it is. The guy who jokes around with you just to make you laugh.

The guy who doesn't care if you hang with him infront of the guys, and will ladies want nsa pa leechburg 15656 knowledge you if your there. The guy who never cares what anyone has to think of you, for he forms his own decisions on what he thinks of you. The guy who sees the best in you. The guy who does anything you need him to. Normally the guy you grew up, or went to school with, but not always.

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A soul matenot necessarily the love kinda way, but as in the "I'm here to ride or die with you, to show you the way, to be the brother example, to teach you valuable life lessons," Kinda soul ladies seeking sex lebanon indiana. You don't always fall in love, like the movies, but some people will say you will, and joke about how you should be together.

You'll hang out so much that everyone will think your dating. The type of person who will be your biggest fan. Sometimes ends up being the god beautiful women seeking sex tonight aurora to you kid, if y'all don't get married. The person who is your guy bestfriendis "perfect" example of what you need to find in someone, not judgemental, kind, caring, supporting, role model, loving, type of brother, awesome, super heroepic, funny, supporting, and anything else good anyone can think of.

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Lisa: Why do guys always hang out? Octivia : Because that's my guy bestfriend. Everyone thinks you and your guy best friend are dating, oddly. This is normal. You may fall in love too early or too late.

Or not at all. Just remember, housewives wants sex tonight portville will always be there for you.

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Her guy best friend knows her the best. Apr 29 trending 1.

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